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If neither of the couple is a Spanish resident, it would be better to arrange the legal ceremony beforehand in your country of residence.This will leave you free to have an exchange of vows in a range of locations when you reach Barcelona.The city is an important cultural centre and is architecturally beautiful, famous for its high concentration of Gothic buildings and Gaudi creations.There are so many things to do here, but we’ll talk more about them at the end.For Jewish ceremonies, a marriage license will need to be arranged in your country of residence and a kettubah will need to be procured beforehand from your Rabbi.There is an English-speaking Ashkenazi and Sephardi Rabbi in Barcelona if couples do not bring their own Rabbi.Wikimedia We have looked at four types of venues- exclusive use villas, hotels, other unusual venues such as museums, and finally some recommended restaurants.If the legal ceremony has already been performed in your home country, it is usually possible to have your exchange of vows as well as your reception in these.

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In this case either one or both of the couple needs to be Catholic and the ceremony will need to be in a church.

After today, Barcelona has soared to the top of my favourite wedding destination list.

Despegar It is a very temperate climate in Barcelona, ranging from 10°C lows in winter to 27°C highs in summer (50-80°F) with average rainfall of about 80 days a year.

Enthusiastic and cosmopolitan, Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain (after Madrid) with over four million inhabitants in the metro area.

I spent the day wandering and exploring and was so lucky to be able to check out a few amazing wedding venues before attending Rosa Clara’s out of this world show.

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